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Love to hate!

Please take our poll and let us know who you love to hate more, Ursula, the collector of poor unfortunate souls, or MC Skat Kat, that zoot suit wearing bad boy feline.


The90sPodcast: TMNT

Welcome back to The 90s Podcast! This episode is hosted by Deniz, with added commentary by Bailey and Rosie. It covers those mutant green turtles who know kung fu and love pizza. Sit back and enjoy this nostalgic trip down memory lane with TMNT.



The90sPodcast: Felicity

Check out our latest #90s podcast with Bailey discussing that lovable #WB show Felicity! Were you Team Ben or Team Noel? Did Felicity look better pre-or-post haircut? All of these things and more will be talked about with added commentary by Deniz and Rosie.

The90sPodcast: Famous Animals of the 90s

Listen as Rosie pitches Bailey and Deniz against one another in a battle royale discussing their favorite animals of the 1990s. Animals from movies like #AirBud, #TheLionKing and #SpaceJam are included as are animals from music videos and commercials. Enjoy!

Also, we’d love your feedback on the final battle. Who wins the “Love to Hate” category? You can comment here or on Twitter @the90spodcast.

Thanks for listening!

The90sPodcast#20: Toys and Games

Did you spend hours setting up Mouse Trap? Did you collect Beanie Babies? Were you obsessed with Nerf? If so, let Bailey take you on a journey of rediscovery, she of an extensive collection of troll dolls. Rosie and Deniz comment.

The90sPodcast#19: 2 Live Crew


Remember 2 Live Crew? Deniz sure does! Listen as he takes you through a history of the group and the controversy surrounding their music. Bailey and Rosie chime in too.

The90sPodcast#18: Dazed and Confused

Alright, alright, alright! It’s time for The 90s Podcast on “Dazed and Confused.” Hosted by Deniz with commentary by Rosie and Bailey. Grab your favorite high school student and let’s begin!